Thursday 11 November 2010

Melina's multiple personalities


I just found this video on the internet. It's not only perfectly fitting to my former post on visual orientation in Tango it also displays my two antagonistic personae: the psychologist/scientist and the tangodancer.

And to all, who ask themselves... I own 19 pair of Tango shoes, 4 of them flat shoes for teaching, 15 fancy stilettos, approx. half of them Comme-il-fauts. That's not so bad, isn't it? ;-)


Elisabeth said...

Melina-Your shoe collection is only a 1/5 of the way there according to the video ;)

According to the Strong-Campbell there is a lot of creativity in being a psychologist. You are continuing to grow in your creativity!

tangogeoff said...

Is it wrong for a man to have 13 pairs...?

Elisabeth said...

Only if he treats them better than his partner ;)