Tuesday 24 July 2012

I'm back

... after eight months of abstinence. I vowed that I would keep my fingers from the keyboard as long as I‘ve got nothing new to say. And I did.

But I have not been idle. 

Those who follow my posts on Facebook know that I‘ve been teaching and dancing all over Europe as usual. So: same old? 
Not entirely. I‘ve tried to re-connect with normality and my pre-Tango self: I‘ve totally changed my diet, forced myself to do daily workouts, lost quite some kilos, taken up Yoga and - not to forget - bought a brand-new Vespa. I feel much better than all those years when our unhealthy lifestyle weighted very heavy on me - literally. Most people can see that and compliment me on my good mood or looks. That‘s not so bad for the ego either. ;-) 

And there is more change to come: next year, we are going to travel much less, leaving time to re-connect with our hometown and to launch into some long-postponed projects like a instructional DVD and teacher training. We will definitely have to find ways to make a living without having to travel so much. 
As teaching in our hometown is out of question (see The Tango-free zone), I might even end up going back to a civilian profession. But that‘s still in the future. First, we need some off-time and 2013 will hopefully provide for that. 
(Do not think, that we‘re not going to teach at all in 2013. We will do at least 30 weeks of travelling and the first half of the year is already fully booked. But we will cut back 10 weeks of work. That‘s a lot!) 

As for this blog: Some topics worth-while discussing have accumulated over the last months. So I‘ll write a little more. Let‘s see for how long...