Wednesday 10 November 2010

Post in between posts 1

I'm currently reviewing my first post and preparing some new ones. But in between posts, I just wanted to point out some banal and in the same time crucial facts about me and my writing:

1. Whatever I write is subjective, because I can only observe things from my point of view. But I try nevertheless to approach objectivity as much as possible.
2. Not everything, that I write will be new. You may have heard similar thoughts from other people or even from me. If you know me personally, we may have already talked about certain topics. I do not aspire originality, I just write about stuff, that matters to me.
3. I am not insulted by critical comments, if you keep them polite. I do not own the truth and there are differing opinions to almost every topic. Being a tangoteacher and dancing awhile does not make me omniscient. I am well aware of that.
4. I have got nevertheless a tendency to "lecturing". That comes from my scientific background and a general disposition to know-it-all. I just like writing - as Detlef likes to call them - "small manuals". When I was ten, I wrote a manual about Vampires (how to become a vampire, how to reject one, how to destroy them etc.). It's somehow in the genes. Please forgive me.

So, that's it for the moment.
Wish you all a pleasant day.


Mikamou said...

Just go for it! I can handle that. ;)
And I will always be polite. :)

Elizabeth Brinton said...

Melina, I've been writing my blog for a few years now, and it is always interesting to me that when I write general thoughts, some person always thinks it is about them!
It is impossible to be interesting and honest if you worry about it, and you have to write as you really are.
Gosh I would love to hear the how to be a Vampire stories...

Melina Sedo said...

@ Elisabeth: Maybe, I'll copy the vampire manual one day and post it. It was real scentific! ;-)

Elisabeth said...

Melina-I would love to read your Vampire Manual. Were you already writing in APA style at that age ;)?

Melina Sedo said...

What's an APA style?