Sunday 6 August 2023

The Straight Way Lost

Have I lost it? I don't know...

All these years, I was working the mission in a very straightforward manner. Always trying to be a better tango teacher, organiser, dancer... Growing and maintaining a business! Living the tango life. But now I am definitely at a point where decisions have to be made. 

Tango has not recovered from the corona regulations. Will it get better?

I have started a dance therapy training. Will that be a new me?

And I have written a book. A 400-page roleplaying book which is now on Kickstarter. This project has helped me get through the corona years, was a great pleasure and a huge endeavour. Still is! 

We are now in the last 4 days of the campaign and would love to get some more backers to reduce the deficit. Do you know what such a project costs? I won't tell. I just wanna say that the official kickstarter goal is far from it. 

So, if you want to help: back us now!

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