Wednesday 30 November 2011

Festivalitos & Encuentros for Milongueros 2012

Although I did not plan to post anymore, I would like to update my list of Tango events for Milongueros who cherish the "Abrazo" to traditional music. Although some of these events also offer classes and short, improvised demos, the focus is on social dancing. The etiquette of invitation by Mirada & Cabeceo plays an important role as does the respectful interaction of all dancers on the dancefloor. These are traditional Milongas and no place for people who want to show off their newest Sentadas, Montadas and Ganchos. Please stay away, if you don't like dancing in a close embrace! 
There might be some more Encuentros of that sort, but I only include events that I can recommend personally, because I have been there or because I know the organizers and participants well enough to guarantee for their "esprit milonguero".

So, these are the events that me and/or my friends visit in 2012:

Pasionara Milonguera, Côte D'Azur, France, January 27-29
Mirame, Montpellier, France, February 24-26
Rendez-vous Milonguero, Bologna, Italy, March 2-4
Montecatini Terme Tango Festivalito, Montecatini, Italy, March 30 - April 1 (read review)
Yo soy Milonguero, Crema, Italy, April 6-9  (read review)
Abrazos - Encuentro Milonguero UK, Devon, United Kingdom, May 4-6 (read review)
Les Cigales, Carpentras, France, May 17-20 (read review by Ms. Hedgehog)
Tango del Mar - Encuentro de Abrazos, Constanta, Rumania, June 8-10 (read review)
Raduno Rural, Slovenia, Juni 29 - July 1 (read review by Ms. Hedhehog)
Encuentro Milonguero, Kehl, Germany, September 13-16 
Festivalito Rural, Celje, Slovenia, September 7-9 (read review)
Ensueños, Valongo, Portugal, October 4-7 (Facebook event)
FCA (Tangokombinat, private party)
Raduno Milonguero, Impruneta, Italy, November 1-4
Abrazame, Barcelona, Spain, December, 6-9
Milongueando in Bari, Bari, Italy, December

Looking forward to meeting you there!


Litzo said...

hmm, plan/hope to make 2 out of 14. Not a lot, but it's a start :o)

Tina Ferrari said...

Yes! I love living in Europe for these chances to peak into different corners of the continent and enjoy a good embrace. :-)

May I also add one? There is also an encuentro in Bari (Puglia, the heel of the boot) in December, called Milongueando en BAri. I don't know the dates for 2012, but this year's will begin next weekend. The website is here:

Melina - I have enjoyed your blog a lot and look forward to running into you at one of the encuentros! Maybe in Crema again :-) Or before!

Melina Sedo said...

@ Rich: I hope these two are Abrazos and FCA! :-)

@ Tina: i know the Bari event by name, but as I cannot vouch for it PERSONALLY, I have not included in my list. I really must go there some day. If I were not working most of the time...
Hope to meet you in Crema, Tina!

Melina Sedo said...

@ Tina:
Oh, what the hell! I included Bari. I know almost all the DJs and their website is pretty clear about what they do. And i know lots of people who go there on a regular basis. So I'll take the risk and recommend it as well! ;-)

Although I will not go there, if they stick to their idea of separate tables for men and women. I think it makes the ambiance a little stuffy and normal interaction is reduced to ZERO. This is one of the main reasons, that I do not go to BA more often.

And now please nobody tell me, that you need separate seating to do the Cabeceo and Mirada. That's just not correct. I do it all the time and find it actually EASIER to invite a man by Cabeceo, if he is surrounded by women. He can be very sure, that it is him who I meant! ;-)

But anyway: I'm sure, Bari is a very traditional place for Milongueros. :-)

Anonymous said...

Melina, you obviously haven't been to those milongas in BsAs that have separate sections for men and women to facilitate the cabeceo. Location is crucial.

The cabeceo is initiated by the man. You may find it easier to invite a man if he is surrounded by women, but that isn't the milonguero way.

Just wrote a post on this topic when a newcomer couldn't understand why women weren't looking his way -- he was surrounded by women at the table.

Melina Sedo said...


I HAVE been to the Milongas with separate seating in Buenos Aires. Often. Very often. And there are Milongas in Europe as well, who imitate that concept.

The Cabeceo work out ok there, although the risk of TWO men or women THINKING they would be both invited, because they sit next to each other is higher, when you are only surrounded by same-sex people IS higher. So: In my opinion, the Cabeceo does not work BETTER in these Milongas.

As I said: We use Cabeceo & Mirada at all of our "Milonguero" events and I have been actually using it since I started dancing in my local Milonga. I works out perfectly if people are seated at mixed tables. This is just a matter of convention. At some traditional Milongas, you may not be cabeceo'd, if you are seated with friends of the other sex, but in Europe, there is - luckily - no such rule. We can have the Cabeceo & Mirada, and sill move normally in the room or be seated with our friends and interact in a natural way. We do not have to imitate everything from BA, no? Just the stuff, that makes sense! :-)

And as for the invitation process: it may be the men, who NOD, but both partners LOOK, so I understand it as a mutual invitation, where both sexes are equally active.

Patrick said...

I am reading this debate with much fun. Guess why :)

Would love to see a list of Milongas in Europe with seperate sections for women and man. I should try...

Melina Sedo said...

There are:
Cariño Tango, Cote D'Azur
Milonga Porteña, Rovigo, Italy
... and some more in Italy...

Have fun! ;-)

Tina said...

Thank you Melina, that was very, very nice of you! :-)

We'll see how it goes with the separation - I suppose if it doesn't work out it will be nixed the next time around. I'll be sure to report on it!

I went to Abrazame this past weekend in Barcelona, by the way, and I really must say that they did a wonderful job! We all had so much fun. And of course it goes without saying that Barcelona is a beautiful city.

See you hopefully in Crema!

Tina Ferrari said...

@Patrick another one is La Social in Bari...oh, as well as Milonga VecchiaStazione in Forli'. (Both in Italy)

I personally like the separation better and feel more comfortable with it, but it's ok by me that there are milongas in Europe with mixed tables. I go to those too and enjoy myself. Both have their merits.
Anyway, the milonga organizers in Europe know their communities well, and do what works best to that regard. :-)

Now if I could just make it possible to go to ALL of these encuentros!

Gitango said...

Mirada y cabeceo, son parame el bueno camino que sigo y defendio desde muchos años, en Europa o Argentina. Y digo que si nunca ire saccar a la mesa, tampoco es necesario la separacion damas y caballeros, cuando las reglas son claras, se usan sin problemo, con buena educacion y libertad.

Tina said...

Hi there!! FYI I've heard from the organizers of Milongueando en Bari that they'll have they're sometime in early 2013 instead. Since I'm not part of it I have no other info, but I thought I'd share what they've told me since you did kindly put it on your list. :-)

Oh, will I see you at the encuentro in Kehl in September? Do you think you'll make it to Barcelona this year?

Ciao, a dopo!

Melina Sedo said...

Hi Tina,

if i've got more info about Bari, I'll put it on the list.

We'll MAYBe be one evening in Kehl and definitely in Barcelona! .-)

looking forward to meeting you there!