Monday 7 November 2011

I‘m a blogger - not anymore!

Exactly one year ago, I started blogging. I was planning to write about Tango, my studies and whatever is important to me. This turned out to be one of my most intensive Tango-years ever and the blog contributed to it. Writing about Tango so much kept me from doing other stuff. I even decided to give up my studies. I do not regret this step, but I would have wished to present a more diverse blog.
These were my most popular posts (by number of visits):
My personal favourites are the posts in which I wrote about my European Milonguero friends and the great Encuentros for Milongueros. Not just, because it was fun to write them, but because I really want to promote the philosophy of Tango as an embrace. Tango is a social event, an intimate encounter with friends all over the world. And thus very, very dear to me!

All in all, I liked blogging a lot. Mostly I wrote down, what I‘ve been discussing with other dancers and phrasing my ideas helped me to substantiate them. And I just love analyzing situations and writing "manuals" (kleine Leitfäden") like this one

I‘m also glad, that I stayed honest and spoke out about what really bothered or moved me. Even when it may have cost me some contracts. Many posts resulted in lively discussions and I got in contact with interesting new thoughts and people. I‘m proud to say, that my blog reached many dancers all over the world. In total, it was viewed over 44.000 times. Thank you all, my faithful readers!
But: the blog also attracted the usual crazies and trolls. I will never get over the fact, that someone who does not even know me personally, can hate me so much, that he (or she) will start attacking or insulting me publicly. Very often I was tempted to reply in a likewise rude manner but restrained myself. This nevertheless cost me a lot of energy and time, so they got what they wanted! Such people really can take the fun out of things. Maybe I‘m going to examine this peculiar online-behaviour one day... in case I ever return to Psychology. 
But for now, I‘m done with blogging about Tango. I‘ve written about everything, that is relevant to me and that is not already covered by other bloggers. I don‘t want to start reviewing music or writing poetry... Others can do that much better.. Also, I will not visit any new interesting Milonguero events coming year - I‘ll just go to the same ones again. Never change a winning team! 
So, there‘s nothing left to say at the moment. The blog is going to stay online, so that you can still ready my posts or link to them. And maybe I‘ll get new inspiration in the future. Or I‘m going to write about something completely different... I‘m already shifting my focus...
Just stay tuned. I might be back!


Tango Therapist said...

Melina, I think you are getting a head start on a New Year's resolution to simplify your life. I backed off on my blog too, but it has been such a positive thing for me, I cannot yet stop! You have been writing in a second language -- an amazing feat. I am not sure how you did it! Thanks for your contributions, and please do keep the blog activated. I will soon be in Germany, so an English-speaking tango blog out of Germany will continue! See you soon. -- Mark

Anonymous said...

Very interesting reading your blogs - thank you - and I look forward to when you return ;)

Melina Sedo said...


And Mark: Yesterday was my birthday - just the right time to take such a decision. :-)
Looking forward to meeting you in Europe. Please contact me when you are here!

gyb said...

I'm quite sad that you made this decision, I thoroughly enjoyed your posts. I only want to point out that, as long as your main reason has to do with the trolls and in general the psychological burden and time it takes to interact with the readers, the adequate response is not to finish blogging, but to disable commenting on posts. This way we would still be able to read your thoughts, you'd still be able to transmit them to the public, but you wouldn't need to worry about the reactions.

Melina Sedo said...

Thanks gyb!

But the MAIN reason to stop blogging (for the moment) is what I point out at the end: I've said everything, that was important for me in Tango.

As you might have noticed, I have mainly written about very general topics: teaching quality, quality of dancing and Milongas, professionalism, age, internationalism, general definitions... There are not endlessly many general topics and I will definitely not start blogging about the last great dance or about my shoes.

NOT that I find that unimportant or uninteresting - I love reading this more personal posts - but I just don't want to write about it. Other do that better.

I'm not a novel-writing or self-biography-writing person, I'm more a scientific writer - or someone, who writes other people's biographies. (Although I prefer a good novel to a good book on social sciences!) It's just what I can do best. My approach to writing is always enlightenment. Not so much entertaining. Same with my teaching. There are lots of people to whom I tell, that I've taught them everything that I have to tell and that they should go on to someone else. Same here: All is said! Internal hard drive empty! ;-)

As for the trolls: I already deleted some of the most insulting comments, but then they go on and insult me on other blogs! So that does not work out! But I can cope with that.

Have a nice day,


Ghost said...

Drat, I was looking forward to "What makes a good milonga"

But I get where you're coming from, I quit writing about tango for the same reasons.

Hope you have lots of fun with you new spare time and energy!

As for the trolls - remember at the end of the day, they have to live their lives being them - punishment enough. And you get to live your life being you - reward enough :o)

Melina Sedo said...

Thanks, ghost! So sweet! :-)))

And there are lost of blogs or websites who talk about how a GOOD Milonga should be... So I don't have to do that! ;.)

As for my spare time: It's not much, but I try my very best to put some energy in things that matter to me. As much as blogging mattered!

Anonymous said...

Melina, I think you are absolutely making the right decision. I hope that I also have the good taste and judgement to know when I've said all I have to say and can finish writing my blog. For now, I am still inspired and find the blog a useful creative outlet (since my blog is more creative, than discursive like yours). But when the muse leaves me, I hope I have the grace to stop.

Melina Sedo said...

Terps: May the muse not leave you so soon! ;-)

Dieudonne said...

I loved reading your blog, you did a great job, and thank you for the insights on tango in Europe. Hope to dance some day!

Anonymous said...

Melina - I'm sad that you will stop writing but I completely understand why. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and thoughts. I have really loved reading your blog over the last year. If you ever come to the US/Canadian west coast, I would love to meet and learn from you.

Take care.


Tangosohle said...

Hi Melina,
that's why there are tandas: You can dance (write) only for a certain time in a good tension. Than you have to take new decisions: Stop with the tanda and restart again. Or stop blogging and focus to other expressions of tango. In case of doubt:

Tango happens on the dancefloor, not on a screen.

Thanks for inspirations to my mind & CU.

Tangosohle (a less and less blogger, who understands your movement)

Tangocommuter said...

Melina, it's been great meeting you through your blog, and like many others I'll miss your two cents (which felt like a whole lot more!) Thanks for taking time to write it, and I hope one day soon you'll find that you've got more to say!

Anonymous said...

What a pity! I really enjoyed reading your post from the very beginning. Thank you very much for your efforts and your honesty.
Greetings from Hamburg, Mikel