Tuesday 15 July 2014

Possibly cheesy post

This post is about love and happiness.

As you may know: I‘m not a naturally cheerful person. I might be too german after all. I think a lot and often, I am way too earnest. I will do my job as good as possible and if something annoys me, I might express it. I don‘t always want to chat or be jolly. In class, some people rather bond to Detlef, because he smiles more often and makes the jokes that I don‘t laugh about.

But I do smile. And laugh. And cry of joy.

... when I can help to improve one tiny detail of someones tango ... when I dance with one of my students ... when we hit that one off-beat or syncopation ... when we do that one perfect shift of weight ... when a stranger embraces me for the first time and in a breaths moment, he is no stranger anymore ... when I greet someone whom I have not seen for a while ... or someone whom I saw last week at another Encuentro ... when I sit at my dj-desk and watch the dancers embrace each other and the music.

In these moments, I am happy and proud that I have done my small share to create this bubble of love. And those moments have been plenty in the last years.

I am half German, half Spanish. I was born in England and I travelled or moved all my life. Someone, who's yet a stranger, asked me what I call home. My answer was: „I feel at home where I‘ve got people whom I love. Last week, this was in Lillehammer.“

As Elvis put it: Home is where the heart is. And my heart is anywhere you are, my tango family.

Ok. Enough with the sentimental stuff. Off to complaining again, because as we all know, a family is not all love and happiness. ;-)

Oh yes…. And I know, THIS IS cheesy. But his voice! And wasn't he the looker? 

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