Friday 7 September 2012

When I'm 64

Here I am in Celije at the „Festivalito Rural“. It is one of nicest Milonguero Encuentros that developed within the last years. I am looking forward to meeting dear friends and clients from France, Italy, Germany, Austria, the USA, Hungary, maybe Romania and many other nations. Three days of dancing in a super-friendly environment - it feels like being at home, because I am surrounded by people that I know well from many other events. Last week, I‘ve met some in Eton, now in Celje, next month they‘ll be in Saarbrücken and just before Christmas in Barcelona. In the meanwhile, Facebook helps to stay connected. It‘s like a big family!

What have we all got in common? Apart from Tango, many of us we share a frustration with our local communities, where we cannot find the dance we are looking for. All those cuddly embraces with skilled dancers... we can only get them if we travel far. Most Milongueros spend a large portion of their income on these trips. The last three years, I was lucky to participate in some of these lovely events as a teacher, but from next year on, I'll be teaching less and therefore spending more to visit the Encuentros. That's ok for the time being.

But what will be in 20 years from now? Those who are now in their mid-forties will be in their sixties, either retired or still working because they cannot afford to stop. I will surely be working, but I won‘t be a travelling tango-teacher anymore and whatever I do, will - most likely - not generate a high income. And with the economic situation being as it is, I am on the safe side to say, that in general there won‘t be as many well-off (or at least ok-off) pensioners as you can find nowadays in Tango. I guess only few Tangueros have surplus funds to provide for old age. This is why most of us will not be able to buy that flat in Buenos Aires or travel to the great Encuentros as many of the more aged European Milongueros still do nowadays.

So, where will we get our direly needed embraces? Will there be - by then - nice close-embrace Tango at home? I guess not, at least not in my town. As I will have lost all my non-Tango-friends by not keeping contact, I will most-likely be sitting alone in my tiny flat, looking at old videos of the Encuentros and wishing I was back.

Wow... that sounds really depressing.

I gotta do something: get a life out there or create great dancers and Milongas at home or move to a town with a good Tango community... Or marry a millionaire. Or start a Milonguero-pension-fund. ;-)

But for today, I will just try to do my job as good as possible and have fun at the Festivalito. 



Amadeus said...

This sounds a bit depressing, dear Melina. I am sure you will always find cuddly embraces with skilled dancers.

Unknown said...

Hey, Melina, it's Bendrew...
Well, I am 64 and wondering what it will be like 20 years from now when I'm 84!
The first thing, of course, is to be happy with oneself...we are born into this world and die, with that one person in common...ourselves.
And in our journey of our life, we can really should never worry about our past or future, as much as enjoy each moment of our lives, right now.
So let's keep on the track of enjoying each moment to the fullest, rejoice in the happiness you bring to your friends and family, and stay naughty, Melina!

Janis said...

I'm thinking the same thing, Bendrew. I'm 64 and grateful to be living in Buenos Aires so I don't need to travel to dance tango; I walk ten blocks to where I find a warm embrace from the milongueros.

Melina Sedo said...

I would not want to live in BA, but the prospect of nice embraces is of course tempting.

Do not worry, Ben and Amadeus, I won't be depressed now.

But: Many Tangueros forget about real-life as long as they just can dance. But reality will kick-in sooner or later. I prefer to think about what's ahead and take - if necessary - precautions. We cannot CONTROL our fate, but we can at least participate in creating our own future consciously and not just suppress the sad facts.

As for now: I dance and have fun with teaching... and doing lots of other stuff. And stay aware.

Have a nice day!

DST said...

When you embrace, you bring all your life along!
The quality of the embrace is like Port-Wine: Just get better with age!
So at 64, better than at 44! And for sure a lot better than at 33 (independent of 30’s years old divas around)!....
Community of good dancers at hometown it is a good dream, I do guess... ☺
Life is fun when dreams become goals…