Wednesday 15 August 2012

Festivalitos & Encuentros for Milongueros 2013

Here is a short overview of events for those who cherish social Tango in a close embrace to traditional Tango music. There are many more in 2013 , but I will only list those, that I have visited personally or that are organized or visited by people, whom I know personally and who can vouch for the genuine "milongueroness" of an event. 
I will update this list regularly:

Festivalito Milonguero du nouvel an, Chateau La Robéyère, France, January 3-6 
Pasionara Milonguera, Côte D'Azur, France, January 25-27
RDV Milonguero, Bologna, Italy, February 15-17
Mirame - Encuentro Milonguero, Montpellier, France, February 28 - March 3
Viento Norte - Festivalito Milonguero (Tangokombinat Sección Norte), Eckernförde, Germany, March, 8-10 
Yo soy Milonguero, Crema, Italy, March 29 - April 1  (read review)
Montecatini Terme Tango Festivalito, Montecatini, Italy, April 5-7 (read review)
Abrazos - Encuentro Milonguero (Tangokombinat UK), Devon, United Kingdom, May 3-5 (read review)
Les Cigales, Carpentras, France, May 9-12 (read review by Ms. Hedgehog)
Tango del Mar - Encuentro de Abrazos, Constanta, Rumania, June 14-16 (read review)
Festiv'à La Milonguita, Gap, France, June 27-30
Raduno Rural, Slovenia, Juni 28-30 (read review by Ms. Hedhehog)
Festivalito Rural, Celje, Slovenia, September 6-8 (read review)
Encuentro Milonguero, Kehl, Germany, September 12-15
Ensueños, Porto, Portugal, October, 3-7
FCA (Tangokombinat, private party)
Raduno Milonguero, Impruneta, Italy, October 31 - November 1
Te Quiero Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal, November 15-17
Abrazame, Barcelona, Spain, December 5-8

As we (Detlef and I) decided to do less weekends of workshops next year, we hope to visit all - or at least many - of them. See you!

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