Thursday 20 October 2011

Alternative Reality

Whilst we've been dancing at our Festivalito con Amigos or discussing the outcome of it, the world kept on turning. Irish travellers are being repelled of their homes, Greece is in a state of total chaos, Serbia and Kosovo are on the verge of a new war, German government is using trojans to spy out people... and everywhere there's hunger, recession and suppression.
Tangueros tend to forget or ignore the reality around them. They get all revved up about a DJ, but walk past the beggar on the street. They fall in love with that magic last Tanda, but forget about their partner at home. Many Tangueros live in an alternative reality.
Unsually, I try to read the news online twice a day, but in the last week, I did not manage. That makes me feel weird. I know, that I cannot influence a lot, if at all, but at least, I don't want to be ignorant.
Tango is a very important part of our lives, it is a wonderful thing, but let's not forget, that it is only a dance. It is not salvation.


Evaldas said...

so true...

Tina Ferrari said...

This is the kind of train of thought I've been having too. In fact, it's not that I've put tango on the backburner, but the past couple of weeks I have wanted to focus on the reality that is outside of tango. So I have, and it's been good for me.
It's sort of a delicate balance, isn't it?

Melina Sedo said...

It is indeed... Always hard to switch in between worlds...

Elizabeth Brinton said...

You said it well Melina.
We have been in the same mode of thought, and we realize that tango can be an escape at times, as well as a tonic and a soothing relief from the harsh realities of our lives on this very fragile planet.
Thanks for reminding us. Knowing that you are aware and affected makes you a better and more compassionate teacher. We need tango for the very reason that the world is a hard place.

Anonymous said...

War, chaos, hunger, etc. are nothing new in our world. The only difference is today we can get instant information on what's going on anywhere in the world. I have intentionally refrained from listening to or reading any news for the past five years. The media has made us believe we have to know or even be the first to know it.

Life is hectic and fast paced for most. People are disconnected. Tango offers one path to connecting and being present. This is so needed in the world today, more than the latest news. We're headed for disaster if a change in our collective consciousness doesn't take place.

Tango isn't just a dance for me. It's the music that makes my heart sing and helps me live fulfilled and connected to others.

Cinderella said...

I absolutely agree with you. You said it so well.
Tango is so much more than just a dance. It certainly is no alternative reality for me, but an essential part of the only reality I have, a part that was missing before I found it.
Nevertheless I'm very aware of what is going on in the world outside the milongas.

Amanda said...

I think constant escaping to parallel reality of good tandas tends to be a huge problem for personal lives of tangueros. And this problem remains a bit enigmatic to me.

But as far as contributing to the society - an average tanguero might not be of a great use to the society, but nonetheless of no harm. personally, i think world would be a little better off if everybody would dance in their free time ;).