Monday 11 July 2011

The European Milongueros & Milongueras

So here I am again. I‘ve been thinking about what to write, when an idea hit me:
There are quite some blogs, who feature the „old Milongueros“ of Buenos Aires. That‘s very important and I always enjoy reading about their experiences or seeing them dancing. But I‘d like to introduce you to the European Milongueros and Milongueras in a series of blog articles over the next weeks.

And, yes - they do exist! Men and women who dedicate their life to social Tango in the traditional Milongas in Europe and all around the globe. Dancers who cherish the embrace above all, who dance with all their heart and passion - and sometimes give up everything they‘ve achieved in real-life just to dance. And sometimes teach or DJ... Not to become rich or famous - it's just that they could not imagine, investing time in something else than Tango. Most of them are still young - in their 30s or 40s - but they‘ve acquired already quite some Tango-wisdom by travelling, dancing, reading, talking to people - just living the Tango - as the „old Milongueros“ do!
And they are my friends. Some of them, I know since ages, others, I‘ve just met recently. You surely know some of them personally. I find, they deserve a tribute on my blog, for: We share one philosophy and many embraces. 
So, I poudly present: The European Milongueros!


Kieron said...

Amen. Salute to these people, particularly the teachers who bring tango insight across our frankly excessive UK borders, where those with an Argentine passport struggle to go.

The many fabulous dancers in Europe may not live in Argentina, but have often been forged in the heat of a Buenos Aires milonga, and try to extend that to those of us unable to abandon our normal lives.

Tina Ferrari said...

Three cheers for the European milongueros, who we have the fortune to embrace at the various encuentros! :-)